Educational Platform

Total control of the classroom

Management system simplifies the teacher’s work. Tasks can be sent and received. Polls with automatic results.

Competence management

Personalised itineraries and individual management of each student’s capabilities. This allows to set specific tasks to improve specific areas.

Pre-selection of Apps and eBooks

Exclusive selection of educational apps and more than 1,000 Spanish books available to work with.


The Synchronised platform allows to work on and off line from any PC or tablet, whether it’s an institutional device or a personal device.


The teacher selects the appropriate resources (books, manual extracts, documents, maps) and groups them in the same platform.

Personalized desktop

Each centre chooses its own design and content, adapting it to their academic level. It can be modified any time.

Integration into the centre’s management systems

The platform is able to fully integrate into the IT and management systems used by each educational institution.

Unique password

Every teacher and student have a unique password to access all the contents and services. This simplifies the use of educational resources.


Teacher and Education Center

Teacher and Education Center

  • Total management of content.
    The teacher creates, uploads and shares resources.
  • Dynamic classes.
    Questions or exercises are sent instantly, with an immediate evaluation..
  • Curricular organization.
    Design of the programme to be implemented each academic year.
  • Evolution.
    Personalised track of each student’s performance.
  • Continuous learning.
    Platform can be accessed from home and form public spaces.


  • Interaction.
    Continuous contact with teacher. Inquiries are quickly resolved.
  • Digital class.
    Eaching resources are interactive and participative.
  • Easy access.
    One single and personal password.
  • Saving.
    Material from other sources is available at no additional costs.
  • Security.
    All the content can be recovered in the case of loss or change in device.

Get to know our desktop


A portable solution Intel® Education Content Access Point. Allows you to store, distribute and access all the digital contents prepared by the teacher and the educational entity. Access from any platform or device. Ideal for educational establishments with low connectivity.


All the platforms

Interface Android

Interface Android

Universal interface HTML5

Universal interface HTML5

Windows 8

Windows 8



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