Partners & Alliances

Intel® - Intel® Education Alliance

Intel® is the nº1 producer of integrated circuits in the world. Their processors are a guarantee of excellent quality and great experience. Hence, we count on their collaboration with our educational tablet offering. They all have Intel® circuits incorporated.

Intel® Education Alliance is Intel®´s education division. It offers apps and resources for digital learning. It is running the programme Intel Educar, which aims to promote education in low income areas.

IBM - International Business Machines

In Latin America, IBM regards Mobile Solutions To Students (MS2S) within their catalogue of solutions relating to the education sector, specifically within the m-Learning area; Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile.

Both companies collaborate to produce a global education solution for teachers and students in primary, secondary and university education. Mobile devices combined with the contents, resources and apps as well as with the infrastructure provided by IBM in the region boosts the efficiency and productivity of the education investments, both public and private investors.

Microsoft - Apps for Windows

Mobile Solutions To Students (MS2S) has developed its Desktop applications for Windows 8 and 10 with the support of Microsoft. He has obtained the certification of his applications to integrate in Microsoft Office 365 solutions.

Mobile Solutions To Students (MS2S) is certified by Microsoft as Independent Software Vendor (ISV).