Educational Platform

¿What is the Educational Platform?

¿What is the Educational Platform?

The educational platform is software designed to make classes and lessons more dynamic, flexible and participative, meeting the needs of the new student generations. It includes tools and resources selected by a team of multidisciplinary experts.
¿What are the requirements?

¿What are the requirements?

The software can be used on any PC, thanks to its native Windows application. It can also be used on tablets that meet the following requirements: 1 GB RAM, 16 GB storage as well as an Android certified operating system, from the version 4.0 onwards.
¿How is the implementation process?

¿How is the implementation process?

Our team of professionals provides total guidance during the whole process. They provide face to face and online instruction to teachers and students. They also communicate updates and solve any problems assistance is constant.
¿Who can use<br> it?

¿Who can use

Teachers and students from all academic levels; primary, secondary or university level.
It can be used by both private and public institutions as well as by external training institutions.


All in one

Previously, teachers had to use different access codes for each education resource (books, guides, documents, maps). With the education platform, teachers can access all the resources with only one password.

Personal profile

Teachers, students and parents or tutors have a personal profile. Each one can access different contents. Parents or tutors can use their profile to manage the parental control, preventing access to sites they consider inappropriate.

Instantaneous evolution

The software provides personalised itineraries and evaluates the progress of the abilities of each student. This provides valuable information about each student. Using this information, the teacher can select appropriate resources to strengthen the weakest areas.

Multi language

Unlike other education software available in the market, we provide all of the content in different languages. This facilitates and provides universal access to all the resources.

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