School San Narciso

Pontevedra (Spain)
  • Challenge

    For the academic year 2013-2014, the institution set the following aims: transition from paper books to digital books, multiplatform environment, development of a collaborative tool, and access to a greater number of sources of information and prevent the students from getting distracted during class. The school also aimed to reduce the excessive weight of school bags.
  • Solution

    Devices with personalized desktops were provided. New educational resources were incorporated, integrating material from external suppliers, mainly from editorials. Contents are synchronized to provide on and off line access. A collaborative space was designed to allow students and teachers to share material and give opinions.
  • Results

    Following the implementation, the results were outstanding. The pass rate increased and the students were more attentive during classes. Classes were made more participative and enjoyable according to the students. Also, the institution reduced its spending on books and individual tutorials. The teachers improved the way they managed information, and created personalized itineraries, according to the progress of each student.